what story are you telling?

It’s actually a really confronting question to ask yourself!

‘What story am I telling?’
‘What am I doing with my life?’
‘What difference can I make in the world?’
‘Am I passionate enough to make a stand for something?’

But just because these questions are uncomfortable, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask them. Questioning yourself can take you down a very interesting path of self reflection, but I believe it’s a path worth taking.

Below is one of my all time favourite videos of all time. I watched this masterpiece at a very influential age in life and in so many ways, it shaped me to be who I am today.

Eliot Rausch and his team have an incredible gift of capturing a section of someone’s story in the rawest form, as if you were in the room watching and feeling each event as it unfolds before you.

This video is an incredible documentation of ‘Woody’ and the emotions he experiences when having to put down his beloved dog (Oden).

Caution: Your emotions might flow (but that’s no excuse to not watch it. Emotions are good right?!)