Who are ‘the youngest‘ and what do we do?

Here’s the short version
the youngest is made up of Matt, Kels and their little kitten Penny
We run a content creation and instagram management business here on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

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meet matt

A skateboard salesman and brand developer that generally curious in how things work.

things he loves to do 
play video games
wet a line
kick a ball
stick n poke
keep bees
nurse cats
go for a roll
play music 
chicken nuggets

Fun Fact: He is a top of the line problem solver/excellent google searcher.

meet kels

A hardcore coffee lover who is Canadian born yet has resided in Australia for the last 7 years. 

things she loves to do
drink coffee
binge netflix
walk and talk
not sneezing
over planning
writing lists
mastercheffing meals

Fun Fact: There is a very good chance she will get more excited about what you’re doing with your life, than you are.

meet penny

A tri-coloured rescue cat who is extremely needy and a constant shadow that follows you everywhere.

things she loves to do
play with loud toys
chase flies
eat chicken necks
wake up when we’re asleep

Fun Fact: She doesn’t meow but she purs like an old tractor.

Now that you know a bit more detailed about who the youngest are, let’s jump into what we do!

what the youngest loves to do

content creating

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